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Roster is an online hub for sports league registration, reporting, communication, equipment tracking and financial services.


  • Player registration and season management
  • Management tool allows you to create a season, define a registration period, choose the season timeline, registrant fees, divisions, subdivisions and teams.
  • Easy to use Form Builder
  • Once a player is registered, an account is created for them.
  • Previous information is remembered and filled in ahead of time for them, allowing them to review and make quick changes before submitting their form.


  • Quickly find any member’s contact
  • Contact Lists automatically built from:
    • User Types
    • Registration Sessions, Divisions, Subdivisions and Teams
    • Reports / Saved Searches
  • Mailing Lists allow for easy subscriber management
  • includes support for text messaging at an affordable rate, and free email.

Online Payments

  • Managed Payment Services (MPS)
    • sgSports PayPal MPS
    • sgSports Interac eTransfers MPS
  • My PayPal
  • Traditional Methods
    Cheques, cash, bursaries

Equipment Tracking

  • Add, Edit or Retire Inventory through an easy to use dashboard
  • Send out reminders to players regarding the return of equipment
  • Invoice players for replacement value of equipment
  • Export inventory into a standard format

Powerful Financial Tools

  • User transaction history
  • Transaction wizard
  • Export to Leading Accounting Software
    • Intuit Quick Books
    • Sage Simply Accounting
    • Microsoft Excel
  • Generate Annual Tax Receipts

Advanced Searches and Scheduled Reports

  • Create complex searches
    • Team Lists
    • Equipment Tracking
    • Unpaid Fees
    • Etc…
  • Save searches as Reports for later reference
  • Receive scheduled reports by email
  • Share reports with other executive members


Roster themes are customizable based on your existing website

Seamless registration experience – most users don’t realize they’ve left your site

Freedom to create your own tax receipt templates with your club’s logo and contact information.

Everything You Need

Registration forms consist of fields that you can define and arrange, allowing you to collect any type of information that can be entered into a text box, drop down menu, check box, etc.

Branding to match your organization’s existing website

Build custom searches based on every field in your registration forms for any season, division, subdivision or team

You can also have specialized fields that allow players to upload images (such as a photo or a birth certificate) or other files.

Using the Transaction Wizard, you can charge or credit any account, and choose whether that transaction is eligible for tax receipt purposes.

Contact Lists automatically built from reports, user types, divisions, teams, etc …

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